To be a member of FIDH, you must:

  1. Testify your adherence to the human action of the foundation
  2. Believe in the mission, vision, objectives, philosophy of the foundation and also believe in the motto of FIDH (union is strength) and ensure that your actions bear fruit in the Haitian Community.
  3. Be able to participate regularly in the assembly to promote a respectful life, and also to promote your point of view as a credible person in the community.
  4. Adherent Members: Those who voluntarily or deliberately accepted the philosophy, vision and goals of the foundation.
  5. Aspiring members: are those who are not yet members of the foundation, but who took part in the activities of the foundation as observers.
  6. Affiliate members: are those who come from another social, political or religious organization.



Members shall have the following duties:

Getting Familiar:

  • To walk in accordance with the principles of the Foundation
  • To supervise each other
  • To regularly attend all the activities of the Foundation
  • To take an active part in the work of the Foundation
  • To contribute regularly to the support of the Foundation, Financially, morally, intellectually Foundation
  • Submit to the responsible authorities of the Foundation
  • Participate in the general meetings of the Foundation
  • Approve or disapprove the appointment of a member based on supporting evidences
  • Vote the Constitution, By-Laws and Decisions of the Foundation
    Sanction the Report of the Finance Committee


Section 1
The death, resignation or exclusion vote of (FIDH) are grounds for striking a member of the Foundation.

Section 2
Any member who will be guilty of Scandalous conduct, which will cause division or taught a bad doctrine to the Foundation.

Section 3
Any member who causes an attempt to raise an uprising against the Foundation or defamation, and for Causes.

Section 4
Any member who is condemned to a sentence or inflaming punishment, which robs the thing of others, the property of the Foundation.

Section 5
Any member that will cause offense to the foundation by acting harmfully to the good reputation of the Foundation.

Section 6
The persistent violation of the laws and regulations of the Foundation will result in the dismissal of a member at fault.

Section 7
Respect for the hierarchical order is required of each member, mutual respect must be in order. Any offender will be able to Sanctions, going as far as the stripe of His name from the Foundation.